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Car Key Replacement






















 The Lock Geeks  Beat Dealership Prices Everyday

Car Key ProgrammerIf you are Looking for a Locksmith that works on Car Keys and Fobs,  your job is done,   We are more than capable of handling the majority of your Automotive Locksmith Needs.  For years we have been not only saving the good people of the Tampa, St. Petersburg, and Clearwater, Fl money on key replacement and extra keys, and remotes. We have also been offering services on vehicles that very few companies offer service on.    Who do you call if the dealer has given you an absurd price or your "big" motor club tells you "they cant make the key", or it will take them 6 hours to get to you.  Try The Lock Geeks not only can they make the easy Toyota, Nissan, Ford, GM, Chrysler, and Mitsubishi car keys and remotes.  We also work on high-end cars such as Saab, Porsche, Land Rover, VW, BMW, Audi, Volvo, and Mercedes.  We are proud to be the  only  shop in the area to offer this many vehicles to be serviced.  

Lost Car Key Replacement

Lost Car Keys

Are you done searching for that last key and ready for your misery to end?  The Lock Geeks offer hassle-free Car Key Replacements.  Don't be fooled by companies offering low service charges and approximate "and up" pricing.  We know you're going through a bad day, and we promise we are here to make it better.  Our prices are consistant, our service is fast, and The Lock Geeks are a company you can trust.  Please call us for pricing and vehicle information.  Remember, we replace lost keys everyday, you can count on us.


Extra Spare Keys

Spare Car Keys

 We are your extra transponder, spare key specialist.  Some of the big chain stores are trying to get into the game.  But with the advancement of technology they are unable to keep up.  They can only do about 25% of the keys and a lot of times they have batteries that will die on you at the worst time.  The Lock Geeks on the other hand are able to do 90% of cars sold in america and we carry remotes as well.

 Our prices are usually lower but if they are not we will match or beat their price.  So if you're in the market to get an extra key made, give us a call at 813-421-3382. 



Vats Keys

Vats Key

Vats Keys are one of the first Keys made to add aditional security to cars.   It does have some problems with the ignition going bad.  And often times key replacement is a little more difficult, making this key expensive to replace.  We often try to get people to make extra keys and save them the agony of having to replace them.



Transponder Keys

Transponder Keys

The Next generation of keys (with pressure from insurance companies and laws from the government) that came along was the Transponder Key. It was designed to lower car thefts, or increase the cost of keys, you choose.  

 In simple terms there is a "Chip" located inside of each key that transmits a unique signal to your cars' computer, allowing your car to start.  Every manufacturer decided to put their own take on this, and instantly keys became very expensive.  It seems like they change them every couple of years to make them harder to replace.  These keys are expensive to replace, some more than others, and you should really think about having more than just one key.



High Security Laser Cut Keys

High Security Laser Cut Keys

High security keys or Laser keys were made to add additional security to transponder keys.  Which at first added higher prices for high end cars.  It has settled down in price, but is still hard to find companies that make these keys.  Often found in Honda, Lexus, VW, and others.  We are here to help you replace or add an extra key.


Remote Keys or Fobs

Chrysler Dodge Jeep Fobs

The Lock Geeks carry a wide variety or remote fobs.  For Chrysler/Dodge/Jeep,  Mitsubishi, and Toyota/Lexus and many more.  Due to such a high demand of remotes we try to keep each vehicle in stock to offer quicker turn around times for our customers.  When the dealer says they're the only one that has that key, we would like to say not so fast.



Proxy Keys

Proxy Remote Key

The Proxy Remote, or "push to start" system is the latest technology in car anti-theft technology.  Same transponder technology, with the addition of sensors strategically placed along your car.   Thus when you walk up to your car it automatically opens, without you pushing any buttons.  And once you're in, you either turn an ignition lever, or push the start button.  Of course when something is new it is always more expensive to replace.  But the prices have come down, and we continue to build our stock of proxy remotes.  So contact The Lock Geeks for more information at 813-421-3382.


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